HEMCO restart files

In this chapter, you will learn more about HEMCO restart files.

Do I need a HEMCO restart file for my initial spin-up run?

Using a HEMCO restart file for your initial spin up run is optional. The HEMCO restart file contains fields for initializing variables required for Soil NOx emissions, MEGAN biogenic emissions, and the UCX chemistry quantities. The HEMCO restart file that comes with a run directory may only be used for the date and time indicated in the filename. HEMCO will automatically recognize when a restart file is not available for the date and time required, and in that case HEMCO will use default values to initialize those fields. You can also force HEMCO to use the default initialization values by setting HEMCO_RESTART to false in HEMCO_Config.rc.

For more information

Please see the HEMCO diagnostics (at hemco.readthedocs.io) for more information about restart files and other diagnostic outpus from HEMCO.