Log files

Log files redirect the output of Fortran PRINT* or WRITE statements to a file. You can check the log files for an “echo-back” of simulation options, as well as error messages.

GEOS-Chem log file

File name: GC.log (or similar)

Contains an “echo-back” of input options that were specified in geoschem_config.yml and HISTORY.rc, as well as information about what is happening at each GEOS-Chem timestep. If your GEOS-Chem Classic simulation dies with an error, a detailed error message will be printed in this log file.

GEOS-Chem log file with dry-run output

File name: log.dryrun (or similar)

Contains the full path names of all input files (configuration files, meteorology files, emissions files) that are read by GEOS-Chem. This will allow users to download only those files that their GEOS-Chem simulation requires, thus speeding up the data downloading process.

For more information, please see the dry run chapter.

GEOS-Chem species metadata log

File name: OutputDir/geoschem_species_metadata.yml

Contains metadata (taken from the GEOS-Chem species database) in YAML format for only those species that are used in the simulation. This facilitates coupling GEOS-Chem to other Earth System Models.

HEMCO log file

File name: HEMCO.log

Contains information about how emissions, met fields, and other relevant data are read from disk and processed by HEMCO for input into GEOS-Chem Classic.

Timers log file

File name: gcclassic_timers.json (in JSON format).

The timers log file is created when you set use_gcclassic_timers: true in the Simulation Settings section of geoschem_config.yml. It contains “wall-clock” times that measure how long each component of GEOS-Chem took to execute. This information is used by the GEOS-Chem benchmarking scripts that execute on the Amazon cloud computing platform.

Scheduler log file

File name: Specific to each scheduler.

If you used a batch scheduler such as SLURM, PBS, LSF, etc. to submit your GEOS-Chem Classic simulation, then output from the Unix stdout and/or stderr streams may be printed to this file. This file may contain important error messages.