Key references

Bey et al. [2001] is the first reference to GEOS-Chem that includes a detailed model description. It is suitable as an original reference for the model. It only describes a model for gas-phase tropospheric oxidant chemistry. Subsequent original references for major additional model features are:

  1. Park et al. [2004] for aerosol chemistry;

  2. Y.X. Wang et al. [2004] for the nested model;

  3. Henze et al. [2007] for the model adjoint;

  4. Selin et al. [2007] for the mercury simulation;

  5. Trivitayanurak et al. [2008] for TOMAS aerosol microphysics;

  6. Yu and Luo [2009] for APM aerosol microphysics;

  7. Eastham et al. [2014] and for stratospheric chemistry;

  8. Keller et al. [2014] and Lin et al. [2021] for HEMCO;

  9. Long et al. [2015] for the grid-independent GEOS-Chem;

  10. Eastham et al. [2018] for the high-performance GEOS-Chem (GCHP);

  11. Hu et al. [2018] for GEOS-Chem within the GEOS ESM (GEOS-GC);

  12. Lin et al. [2020] for GEOS-Chem within WRF (WRF-GC);

  13. Zhuang et al. [2019] and Zhuang et al. [2020] for implementations of GEOS-Chem Classic and GCHP on the cloud;

  14. Bindle et al. [2021] for the stretched-grid capability in GCHP;

  15. Murray et al. [2021] for GEOS-Chem driven by GISS GCM fields (GCAP 2.0);

  16. Bukosa et al. [2023] for the carbon simulation;

  17. Lin et al. [2023] for KPP 3.0.0 with adaptive auto-reduction solver.


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