GEOS-Chem Classic



This is a prerelease of the GEOS-Chem Classic user guide. These pages are still a work in progress.

Contributions (e.g., suggestions, edits, revisions) would be greatly appreciated. See editing this guide and our contributing guidelines. If you find a something hard to understand—let us know!

This site provides instructions for GEOS-Chem Classic, the single-node mode of operation of the GEOS-Chem model. We provide instruction for downloading and compiling GEOS-Chem Classic, plus its required software libraries.

GEOS-Chem is a global 3-D model of atmospheric composition driven by assimilated meteorological observations from the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) of the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office. It is applied by research groups around the world to a wide range of atmospheric composition problems.

Cloning and building from source code ensures you will have direct access to the latest available versions of GEOS-Chem CLassic, provides additional compile-time options, and allows you to make your own modifications to GEOS-Chem Classic source code.

Our Quick Start Guide and the downloading, compiling, and creating a run directory sections of the User Guide give instructions specifically for using a clone of the source code.

User Guide