Required software packages


Git is the de-facto software industry standard package for source code management. A version of Git usually ships with most Linux OS builds.

The GEOS-Chem source code can be downloaded using the Git source code management system. GEOS-Chem software repositories are stored at the organization page.

Best way to install: But first check if you have a version of Git pre-installed.


CMake is software that directs how the GEOS-Chem source code is compiled into an executable. You will need CMake version 3.13 or later to build GEOS-Chem Classic.

Best way to install: With Spack.

GNU Make

GNU Make is software that can build executables from Makefiles that are created by CMake.

While GNU Make is not required for GEOS-Chem 13.0.0 and later, some external libraries that you might need to build will require GNU Make. Therefore it is best to download GNU Make along with CMake.

Best way to install: With Spack.


GEOS-Chem input and output data files use the netCDF file format (cf. netCDF). NetCDF is a self-describing file format that allows meadata (descriptive text) to be stored alongside data values.

Best way to install: With Spack.