Minimize differences in multi-stage runsΒΆ

If you need to split up a very long simulation (e.g. 1 model year or more) into multiple stages, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Make sure GC_RESTART and HEMCO_RESTART options are set to true: in HEMCO_Config.rc.

  2. To ensure your restart_files are read and species concentrations are properly initialized, check your GEOS-Chem log file for the following output:

    R E S T A R T   F I L E   I N P U T
    Min and Max of each species in restart file [mol/mol]:``
    Species   1,       NO: Min = 1.000000003E-30  Max = 1.560991691E-08
    Species   2,       O3: Min = 3.135925075E-09  Max = 9.816152669E-06
    Species   3,      PAN: Min = 3.435056848E-25  Max = 1.222619450E-09

    Actual values may differ. If you see Use background = ... for most or all species, that suggests your restart file was not found. To avoid using the wrong restart file make sure to use time cycle flag EY in HEMCO_Config.rc (cf. How are restart files read into GEOS-Chem?).