Verify a successful simulationΒΆ

There are several ways to verify that your GEOS-Chem Classic run was successful:

  1. The following output can be found at the end of the log file:

    **************   E N D   O F   G E O S -- C H E M   **************
  2. NetCDF files (e.g. OutputDir/GEOSChem*.nc4 and OutputDir/HEMCO*.nc) are present.

  3. Restart files (e.g. GEOSChem.Restart.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 and for ending date YYYYMMDD hhmm are present.

  4. Your scheduler log file (e.g. slurm-xxxxx.out, where xxxxx is the job id) is free of errors.

If your run stopped with an error, please see the following resources: